About Cell 9/11

Cell 9/11 was first founded by myself, Jesse Binns, back in 2019. It has just recently began to hit the publics eyes and ears in 2022. What started as a journal, expressing my emotions after going through a very difficult time in life has now turned into me gaining the strength and courage to take my story public. After going through several traumatic incidents while on and off duty, I began down the toxic path of depression, anxiety, PTSD and an addiction. I now want to share my story with as many people as possible about mental health awareness in first responders and anyone else whom might be struggling. 

The mission is simple; Break the stigma, Its ok to not be ok. As first responders we often put our own health and mental health on the back burner in order to help others. But as I found out the hard way, eventually it will catch up with you and all come crashing down. Things have slowly been getting better and more and more help is slowly becoming available but there is still along ways to go.